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    Welcome To Artisans Association of Ghana

    The Artisans Association of Ghana (AAG) is a craftsmanship Association made up of masons, carpenters, electricians, welders, plumbers, glass and metal fabricators, steel benders, Auto mechanics, plaster of Paris (POP), etc.

    AAG, has been corporated under the registrar general department of Ghana on the 27th of November, 2012. Currently we serve the Greater Accra, Western, Volta and Ashanti Region with the plans of expanding nationwide. We work with national and international level stakeholders and has an affiliation with NVTI, COTVET, CITY & GUILDS, GREDA, ABCECG, ASROC and also connects its members to national level services such as the SSINT, Accident Insurance Policies, etc.

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    Membership Benefits

    • Training of trainers and trainees
    • Workshops and Capacity building
    • To increase exposure to job and apprenticeship opportunities
    • Have access to collective community discussion platform
    • Have your voice heard in critical policy debates that are shaping the future of Artisans in Ghana
    • Have access to technical training and expertise
    • Apply for fellowships that could help you make your community, or country a better place
    • Take part in or support projects and education in Ghana
    • Get the latest information that will help empower you to protect your identity
    • Become part of a powerful community that is working to make the Ghana better

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    AAG has established a uniform system of engagement for apprentices. The program includes both theoretical and practical trainings. This is to ensure that they are well equipped to deliver as at when the need arises.

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    Job Placement

    To increase exposure to job and apprenticeship opportunities, AAG provides a menu of services to its members. Job placement services include maintaining a list of member's skills and expertise and matching the artisans with opportunities. AAG also submits proposals to construction firms and other private clients on behalf of its members. AAG's website allows potential clients to search the profile of its member

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    Membership Assistance

    The Artisans Association Of Ghana assists artisans in the following ways:

    • Easy access to SSINT registration.
    • Group Insurance on Personal accidents.
    • Facilitates the informal enrollment unto Social Security and National Insurance Trust.
    • Easy access to jobs.
    • Access to legal aids.
    • These assistance are aimed at making the lives of artisans better and more fulfilling.

Board of Directors

Gideon Bidor

( President )

Artisans Association of Ghana

Emmanuel Korsah

( Chairman )

(C.E.O) Akan Centre Furnisher Company Limited

Mrs. Salomey Aku Ackom

( Member )

Vice Principal of Youth, Leadership and Skills Training Institute, Afienya.

Pastor Charles Drah

( Member )

Former Squadron Leader

Nii Annang Adzor

( Member )

(C.E.O) Millennium Construction Company Limited

Mrs. Augusta Baafi Borbordzi

( Member )


What we do


We are AAG

Artisans Association of Ghana (AAG) is a social enterprise that enable sustainable livelihoods for men, women and youth in the informal sector, skill training and upgrading in the construction industry.

The construction industry has increasingly become important and core to the nation’s economy. The Association has members serving the Greater Accra, Volta region, Western Region, and Ashanti Region with a goal to expand nationwide.

With affiliation to NVTI and COTVET, and the association train center, trains in demand driven trade skills such as Masonry, Electricals, plumbing, Steel Bending, Welding, Tiling, Landscaping, etc.

There are also specialized skills programmes for supervisors and Engineers. These skills programmes have made direct and measurable impacts in increasing on-site productivity levels, reducing wastage on site, improving safety standards and coordination at work. There is also a job placement service which match trained master craftsmen to available jobs.


Our Core Values

  • Unity
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Team work
  • Respect for all
  • Professionalism

Artisans Ghana

Our Philosophy

We believe that, every individual is unique and endowed with potentials, gifts and talents which need to be unearthed.


The preferred network of artisans seeking to provide services that meet global standards.


AAG is a network of artisans that trains, upgrades and aids in certification of unskilled youth and master craftsmen to enable them provide services that meet global standards.


  • Identify projects with economic potentials that can generate employment for as many artisans as possible.
  • To upgrade artisans with modern technologies and expose them to the job market.
  • Train and build interest in disadvantaged youth to become artisans.
  • Collaborate with other organizations both locally and internationally, district and municipal assemblies, ministries and other private entities to source for funds for the youth to start up their business.
  • Collaborate with other organizations both nationally and internationally to empower the youth to setup their business.