AAG Organizes Awareness Creation Float for Artisans in Takoradi


Takoradi on Focus

  • AAG Organizes Float for Artisans in Takoradi

    On the 23rd of November, 2017, the youth wing of Artisans association of Ghana (AAG) Takoradi who are part of the YIEDIE project embarked on an awareness creation float on AAG and the YIEDIE project .The activity attracted 127 youth. The float started with a clean-up exercise at Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital and then started the float from the hospital through to the jubilee grounds using Poly-Pipe Ano road.

    The main purpose of this float is to create awareness on the need for the youth to pick up a skill in technical vocation training within the construction sector. Most youth have shun from the technical field. The float was to encourage them to pick up technical vocation to reduce youth unemployment in the informal sector.

    The float also created awareness of AAG job matching platform which match youth to available job in the construction sector and also responds to maintenance job for households, hotels, schools and other firm or institutions.

Kumasi on Focus

  • YIEDIE Project Organizes Job Readiness and Mentorship Fair in Kumasi

    The YIEDIE project, a part of the Youth Forward Initiative in collaboration with Mastercard Foundation, is focused on transitioning economically disadvantaged young people to find quality employment or start their own businesses. Mrs Vera Kafui Mills-Odoi, YIEDIE Project Director, said the fair was to stimulate discussions around the need for comprehensive support systems to complement investments in skills development. She said research reveals that skills continues to be a contributory factor to youth unemployment, particularly in the construction sector, adding that many who entered the labour market after school were ill-equipped in basic numeracy, communication and workplace skills.


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